The Complete Microsoft Windows 10 Training Bundle

Become awesome at Windows 10 – Microsoft’s super cool operating system. Learn how to get set up, navigate all of its new features. Understand the differences from previous versions, plus loads of tips and tricks you’ll use every day

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Suitable for All Levels

Over 7 Hours of content

130+ Online Video Lessons

CPD Certification

What You will be able to do after the Course

Understand all the features of Windows 10

Use Microsoft Edge to make internet browsing easy and seamless

Sign in with Windows Hello

Use Office 365 to be more productive

Keep in touch with others using Skype and Mail

Understand how to organize files with OneDrive

Plus, loads of Tips and Tricks you’ll find useful


Learn at your own pace


Course overview

Explore the Windows 10 interface, pre-installed applications, learn how to browse the web, view and share photos, manage your files and understand your file system. You will master the new Windows 10 technologies and benefit from the new applications and options it has to offer.


No previous knowledge is required. Ideally you will have access to a device that is running Windows 10.


At the end of each course is an online assessment. When you pass all assessments you can showcase a Windows 10 Certification from the International Academy of Computer Training.

Who would benefit

Anyone upgrading from a previous version of Windows, migrating from a different operating system, or if you’ve just bought a new PC or Surface Tablet and want to get the most out of it, this course will benefit you.

Why take the Course

This course removes any frustration that can be caused by learning a new operating system. It shows you all the essential features you’ll need to jump-start Windows 10 — whether you work with it closely at the office or use it casually at home.

8 CPD Certified easy-to-follow Courses

Plus includes ‘Complete Guide to Windows 10’ and Windows 10 S updates  – over 100 bonus lessons

Browse the Web

14 Lessons : 44 minutes

Across Devices

10 Lessons : 30 minutes

Personalise your PC

17 Lessons : 65 minutes

Keep in Touch

33 Lessons : 94 minutes

App Store

19 Lessons : 73 minutes

Be Productive

8 Lessons : 30 minutes

Stay Organised

33 Lessons : 102 minutes

Top Tips

Coming Soon

8 CPD Certified Courses – what’s covered in each:

Browse the Web with Windows 10

Module 1            Microsoft Edge

Lesson 1              Connecting to Wifi

Lesson 2              Introducing Microsoft Edge

Lesson 3              The Start Tab

Lesson 4              Navigation to a web page

Lesson 5              Using a search engine

Lesson 6              Saving a Favourite

Lesson 7              Edit using WebNote

Lesson 8              Reading list app

Lesson 9              Microsoft Wifi

Lesson 10            The Hub

Lesson 11            Edge Settings


Module 2            Cortana

Lesson 1              Introducing Cortana

Lesson 2              Search Cortana

Windows 10 Across Laptops and Surface

Module 3            Windows 10 on Desktop/Laptops

Lesson 1              Getting around the Desktop

Lesson 2              The Start Menu

Lesson 3              Cortana

Lesson 4              Task View

Lesson 5              Action Centre


Module 4            Windows 10 on Surface/Tablet

Lesson 1              Tablet Mode

Lesson 2              Turning on and off tablet mode

Lesson 3              Touch screen gestures

Lesson 4              Touch Pad Gestures

Lesson 5              Windows 10 Continuum

Personalise your PC

Module 5            Desktop Features

Lesson 1              Opening, navigating and using the new Start Menu

Lesson 2              Opening Action Centre and dealing with notifications

Lesson 3              Accessing and a quick overview of Settings

Lesson 4              Personalising the desktop and lock screen

Lesson 5              Setting up a picture password and a PIN

Lesson 6              Signing into a Microsoft Account



Module 6            More Settings

Lesson 1              System

Lesson 2              Devices

Lesson 3              Network and internet

Lesson 4              Personalisation

Lesson 5              Accounts

Lesson 6              Add a child user

Lesson 7              Time and Language

Lesson 8              Ease of Access

Lesson 9              Privacy

Lesson 10            Update and Security

Lesson 11            Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport

Keep in touch with Windows 10

Module 7            Getting Connected

Lesson 1              Connection to WiFi

Lesson 2              Sign in with a Microsoft Account

Lesson 3              Setting up an email account

Lesson 4              Connecting to other devices

Lesson 5              Open Programs and Apps


Module 8            Email

Lesson 1              Viewing your email accounts

Lesson 2              Sending an email

Lesson 3              Receiving an email

Lesson 4              Working with File attachments

Lesson 5              Mail Actions

Lesson 6              People App

Lesson 7              Mail Folders

Lesson 8              Mail Settings


Module 9            Skype

Chapter 1            Using Skype

Lesson 1              Using Skype

Lesson 2              Downloading Skype

Lesson 3              Skype Sign in

Lesson 4              Editing your profile

Lesson 5              Privacy Settings

Lesson 6              Account details and buying Credit


Chapter 2            Making that call

Lesson 1              Adding Contacts to your contact list

Lesson 2              A Skype to Skype telephone call

Lesson 3              Calling mobile phones and landlines

Lesson 4              Group calling

Lesson 5              Managing our contacts

Lesson 6              Getting a skype number

Lesson 7              Call forwarding

Lesson 8              Caller ID


Chapter 3            Video Calls

Lesson 1              Making a video call

Lesson 2              Group video calling


Chapter 4            More Features

Lesson 1              Instant Messaging

Lesson 2              Sending contact files via skype

Lesson 3              Sending a video message

Lesson 4              Screen sharing

Windows App Store

Module 10          Apps Overview

Lesson 1              Overview of the Mail application

Lesson 2              Overview of the Calendar application

Lesson 3              Overview of the People application

Lesson 4              Overview of the News, Sport and Weather Apps

Lesson 5              Overview of the Photos, Film & TV and Music Apps


Module 11          Windows Universal App Store

Lesson 1              Microsoft Account requirements

Lesson 2              Viewing the Store

Lesson 3              Downloading from the store



Module 12          Useful Apps

Lesson 1              Alarms and Clock

Lesson 2              Calculator

Lesson 3              Camera

Lesson 4              Calendar

Lesson 5              Maps

Lesson 6              Photos

Lesson 7              Music

Lesson 8              Film & Tv

Lesson 9              Office Apps

Lesson 10            Xbox App

Lesson 11            Get Skype

Be Productive with Windows 10

Module 13          Office 365

Lesson 1              Sign in to

Lesson 2              Online Apps

Lesson 3              Using Word, Excel and PowerPoint Online

Lesson 4              Using OneNote and Sway Online

Lesson 5              Accessing Mail, People and Calendar Online

Lesson 6              Using

Lesson 7              Products, Support, Templates and Add ins

Lesson 8              Office 365 with other devices

Stay Organised with Windows 10

Module 14          Signing in and Passwords

Lesson 1              Personalising the desktop and lock screen

Lesson 2              Setting up a picture password and a PIN

Lesson 3              Signing into a Microsoft Account

Lesson 4              Switch to tablet mode


Module 15          File Explorer

Lesson 1              Open File Explorer

Lesson 2              Create a folder

Lesson 3              Create a file

Lesson 4              Cut/Copy/Paste Folders and Files

Lesson 5              Rename and Delete Files and Folders

Lesson 6              View Options

Lesson 7              Pin to personalise

Lesson 8              Integration with OneDrive

Lesson 9              Accessing your OneDrive

Lesson 10            Sharing options


Module 16          OneDrive

Chapter 1            OneDrive

Lesson 1              Microsoft OneDrive

Lesson 2              Creating a Microsoft ID

Lesson 3              Signing into OneDrive

Lesson 4              OneDrive Interface


Chapter 2            Using OneDrive

Lesson 1              Files and Folders

Lesson 2              Uploading/Saving a file to OneDrive

Lesson 3              Download a file from OneDrive

Lesson 4              Editing a file using Office 365 Online Apps

Lesson 5              Sorting your files

Lesson 6              Use the Search tool in OneDrive

Lesson 7              Sharing a file in OneDrive

Lesson 8              Shared files by other people

Lesson 9              Get more storage

Lesson 10            Video formats you can play

Lesson 11            Working with Photos on OneDrive

Lesson 12            Syncing Files

Lesson 13            Logging onto OneDrive from a smartphone

Lesson 14            Editing a file on OneDrive from a smartphone

Lesson 15            FAQ on OneDrive

Top Tips and Tricks

Module 17          Top Tips

Lesson 1              Blocking notifications with Quiet hours

Lesson 2              Changing default location for File Explorer

Lesson 3              Virtual Desktops

Lesson 4              Bypassing the sign in screen

Lesson 5              Handy keyboard shortcuts

Lesson 6              God Mode

Lesson 7              Choose items to appear in Start Menu

Lesson 8              Customise User Interface Colours

Lesson 9              Windows Ink Workspace


Module 18          What’s New?

Lesson 1              Cortana

Lesson 2              Microsoft Edge

Lesson 3              Search and Help options

Lesson 4              Data usage

Lesson 5              Windows Hello & Microsoft Passport

Lesson 6              Phone Companion

Lesson 7              Switching modes – Continuum

Lesson 8              Store App

Lesson 9              Music and Film & TV

Lesson 10            Mail & Calendar & People

Lesson 11            Xbox App

Lesson 12            Snap assist

Lesson 13            Command Prompt upgrade

Lesson 14            File Explorer

Lesson 15            Updates and Scheduled restarts

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