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Improve your Skills Score by only watching the lessons you need

Over 500 bite-size video lessons keep your Microsoft Skills up to date

<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #2b579a;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/word-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_03.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - Word 2016" width="60" height="120" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>Word</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 200 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #094ab2;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/onedrive-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_15.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - OneDrive" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>OneDrive</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 50 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #217346;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/excel-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_05.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons -Excel 2016" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>Excel</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 300 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #0072c6;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/outlook-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_16.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - Outlook" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>Outlook</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 50 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #d24726;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/powerpoint-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_07.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - PowerPoint 2016" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>PowerPoint</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 200 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #a23639;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/access-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_17-1.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - Access 2016" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>Access</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 100 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #80397b;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/onenote-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_09.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - OneNote 2016" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>OneNote</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 50 Points </div>
<div class="lessons_tiles"><div class="icon-expander" style="background-color: #5133ab;"><a href="/microsoft-office-lessons/calendar-skills/"><img class="" src="/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/icon_18.jpg" alt="Microsoft Office Lessons - Calendar" width="60" height="60" /><div class="tiles_text"><span class="show_on_hover">Learn</span>Calendar</div></a></div></div> <div align="center"> 50 Points </div>

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Very helpful, instructions are super easy and layout is step by step... thumbs up and 5 star rating from me!!!

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The best online class I have taken. I enjoy enhancing my skills through online classes. This one was just perfect! With all the changes to Office

Kimberley P

I am just beginning to take my course and I simply love the personnel and support that I have received! Friendly, kind, understanding and supportive all rolled up together! Great course and wonderful staff!

Alexandria G

Excellent Courses Practice files Very Simple All Information you need I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

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