Our Learning Portal is deployed on Microsoft Azure

The World’s leading Cloud Services Platform

Already have an LMS?

Delivered via our Azure LMS

Data is kept safe with Azure Security. Zero ICT integration needed


The database is an encrypted database with Microsoft Azure ISO/IEC 27018

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Learning portal is housed in the Microsoft Azure cloud with 99.9% up-time rate

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WA Firewalls incorporating Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems are in place

Safeguarded Data

Only our IT Admin and Account Admin have access to your data – but neither can view user passwords, as they are encrypted

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System Monitoring

The system monitors user activity and blocks suspicious behaviour from suspected attacks and multiple logins

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Easy Access

The portal can be accessed via any modern browser, on any internet-enabled device, and does not require Flash to run


Delivered via your LMS

If you already have an LMS that gives you what you need, there are two options;

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LMS Link

Employees login to your LMS and are linked through to ours. You still get the Business Dashboard and all the other Account benefits

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Upload Files

We provide you with the Course and Assessment Files for you to upload and deploy on your existing LMS. See the file type options below

SCORM Compliant

Our courses can be packaged as SCORM files for your LMS


Content packaged as SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 (choice of 2nd, 3rd or 4th edition)

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Course can be delivered in module format as AICC files

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Experience API or Tin Can API, you can have courses in this format for your LMS