The Complete Apple Training Bundle

8 Courses help you get the most out of Apple’s devices and software. Courses cover Mac, iPad, iPhone. You’ll know how to use the latest operating systems, plus key programs on Mac that help you use Apple for work or pleasure. If you’ve purchased an Apple device this course is for you.

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Suitable for All Levels

Over 8 Hours of content

330+ Online Video Lessons

CPD Certification

What You will be able to do after the Course

Understand all the features of your Mac, iPad or iPhone

Keep up to date with Apple releases

Get your Music wherever you are

Use Pages, Numbers and Keynote in the Office

Keep in touch with others using FaceTime, Message and Mail

Understand how to organize files and Photos with iCloud

Plus, loads of Tips and Tricks you’ll find useful


Learn at your own pace


Course overview

This ultimate Apple course bundle will show you how to use Apple products and Mac apps, upgrade Apple software, and use a wide range of software to ensure you get the most from these amazing products. Our video tutorials cover the latest technologies, and are updated when Apple update a version of their software or add new features.


No previous knowledge is required. Ideally you will have access to a n Apple device


At the end of each course is an online assessment. When you pass all assessments you can showcase a Certification from the International Academy of Computer Training.

Who would benefit

Anyone upgrading from a previous version of Apple software, migrating from a different operating system, or if you’ve just bought a new MAC, iPad or iPhone and want to get the most out of it, this course will benefit you.

Why take the Course

This course removes any frustration that can be caused by learning a new operating system. It shows you all the essential features you’ll need to jump-start Windows 10 — whether you work with it closely at the office or use it casually at home.

8 CPD Certified easy-to-follow Courses

Browse the Web

15 Lessons : 45 minutes

Apple Devices

109 Lessons : 3 hours 25 minutes

Stay Organised

39 Lessons : 102 minutes

Keep in Touch

12 Lessons : 34 minutes

App Store

19 Lessons : 50 minutes

Be Productive

88 Lessons : 2 hours 40 minutes

Apple Music

19 Lessons : 50 minutes

Top Tips

30 Lessons : 60 minutes

8 CPD Certified Courses – what’s covered in each:

Browse the Web with Safari

Lesson 1              Open and Close Safari

Lesson 2              Search for a web page or enter a web address

Lesson 3              Managing Top Sites

Lesson 4              Bookmarks and Favourites

Lesson 5              Open several web pages at once

Lesson 6              Private browsing

Lesson 7              Change the start page that safari open on

Lesson 8              Download a file from the internet

Apple Devices - Mac, iPad and iPhone

MAC – Learn how Macs work and how to run Mac OS operating system. Find out how to find files, set up your Apple ID and iCloud accounts, and use FaceTime, Safari, iTunes, and more.

iPad – iPad is transforming the way we communicate and learn. Get the most out of your new iPad. Learn to evolve using FaceTime, email, browse the web, get around town, take notes, shoot photos and videos, listen to music, set up your iTunes account and loads more.

iPhone – Everything you need to know about your iPhone, which includes 10 things to do as soon as you get your phone, tips and tricks on Siri, Cloud, AirPlay and loads more.

Stay Organised with Apple

Making the most of your photos

Import Photos from an external device

Browse through your photos

Edit the photo

Adding an effect to a photo

Red eye fix


Managing your photos

Working with Events

Creating an Album

Create a slide show

Creating books, cards and calendars

Identify faces in your photos

Sharing a photo


iCloud Drive

What Is iCloud?

Turn On iCloud

Using iCloud



Keep in touch with FaceTime, Messenger and Mail

Messages on iPhone

SMS, MMS, and iMessage

Send and receive messages

Managing conversations

Share photos, videos, your location, and more

Messages settings



Set up your email account

Send and Receive email

Reply and Forward email

Attach a file to an email

View by conversations

Mail Preferences



FaceTime at a glance

Making a call to keep in touch





The App Store

App Store on MAC

Sign into App Store

Downloading an App

Switch between open applications

Applications to know in more detail


App Store on iPad/iPhone

App Store at a glance

Find apps

Purchase, redeem, and download

App Store settings


Family Sharing

Family Sharing


Useful Apps

The Weather App

The Clock App

The Maps App

Maps settings

Videos at a glance

Videos settings

Notes at a glance

Use notes in multiple accounts

FaceTime at a glance

Calculator at a glance


Be productive with Apple's suite of Apps

Numbers – Numbers offers intuitive organisation features, allowing users to focus more on analysis and presentation, trough dynamic methods that Numbers offers to visualize your data. Explore the important features of this spreadsheet application and learn about the new tools for formula development and charting thanks to this course. Master the new functionality of charts, tables, and templates, and learn how to make spreadsheets effective and eye-catching. Work collaboratively with faraway colleagues or in projects using both Numbers and Microsoft Excel and don’t think about the file format you’ll work easily with both Mac and iOS.

Pages – Learn how to use Pages to write and design documents. Our course on the Apple word processing application covers how to format and edit text, customize the user interface, use templates, and much more. Express yourself both verbally and visually is easy. Learn how to choose fonts styles and backgrounds, understand how to insert citations and track changes to make editing your documents simple. Drop in a photo and edit it. Add interactive charts.

Keynote – Use Keynote for Mac and learn how to build and deliver a great Keynote presentation. In this course you will learn about Keynote and the best ways to create stunning presentations in a short amount of time. Teaming up with someone who uses Microsoft PowerPoint? Keynote makes it a great working relationship. You can save Keynote documents as PowerPoint files. Or import and edit PowerPoint documents right in Keynote. As you can notice joining our course, now it’s no problem to work on the same project. Even if you use different apps. Learn how to share, send a copy of your file and linking your presentation with colleagues

Apple Music

Apple Music

Get music

Browse and play

iCloud and iTunes Match

Album wall



Genius—made for you

Siri and Voice Control

Home sharing

Music settings



iTunes Store at a glance

Browse or search

Purchase, rent, or redeem

iTunes Store settings



Top Tips and Tricks

The top Tips and Tricks for all of your Apple devices.

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