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Add Attachments
Manage Emails
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Organise Folders
Start Tasks
Create Contacts
Set Up Signature

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What’s included

Module 1 : Outlook Essentials

This module covers everything you need to know to get the most from Outlook, including; Introduction to Outlook; Opening Outlook; The Outlook Interface; Email; Creating an email; Attaching files to an email; Email options; Reading an email; Opening & Saving attachments; Replying and forwarding an email; More Mail Options; Creating a signature; Working with your emails; Deleting Emails; Sorting your email; Creating an email folder; Moving emails from your inbox; Junk Email Options; and Clutter Folder.

16 Lessons : 1 Quiz : 25 Points towards your Microsoft Office Skills Score

Module 2 : Contacts, Tasks and Other Options

This module focuses on staying in touch and being organised, with lessons on; Contacts; Creating a contact; Sending an email to a contact; Editing and Deleting an existing contact; Forwarding a Contact; Creating a new contact group; To Do Lists; Create a task; Marking an email for a follow up; Viewing tasks from email section; Options; Out of Office; and Printing.

10 Lessons : 1 Quiz : 25 Points towards your Microsoft Office Skills Score

Skills you'll have

Send, retrieve and organise e-mails
Organise address lists
Use scheduling tools
Create tasks and notes
Consolidate email from Outlook.com, Gmail and Yahoo

You'll know how to

Prioritise your important emails into a Focused Inbox
Share calendar availability and schedule meet-ups
Export and import contacts
Automatically empty trash
Use templates to save time

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